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Our original cannagin Zippo® for gifts of a special kind or as an eye-catcher at every party.

Not only for smokers, but also for some non-smokers, the Zippo lighters are probably among the best of their kind. No wonder, since Zippo lighters are real quality lighters that you usually only buy once. The Zippo lighter is not a bargain for everyone, but the purchase is definitely worth it, because the traditional lighter is still often repaired by the manufacturer free of charge, if at all, if it is damaged.

Our Zippo, Really cool golden look!

Get your ErichGIN Zippo now! - Limited edition

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The Delivery is without gas. Please use original Zippo gas

really cool stuff.

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Non-smokers and smokers all over the world appreciate the reliability of Zippo lighters. The classic among the lighters has been developed and manufactured since the early 30s of the twentieth century, although the actual product, the Zippo petrol lighter, has changed only slightly over time. Only a few minor repairs to the mechanics have been made over the years, if you disregard the meanwhile numerous pictures on the Zippo lighters and the colors of the Zippo lighters. Even if the classic Zippo lighter comes with a chrome-colored brushed or high-gloss finish, other Zippo lighters have long been available for individualists and those who love color.
 But what is it actually that makes the Zippo lighters so incredibly popular today? If you were to ask the inventor of the Zippo lighters, he would certainly say: They look good, work with gasoline and are very easy to use. In addition, Zippo lighters are the storm lighters in general, because their flames are practically always one.